Here are 2 slightly different sets of instructions I have for growing the the tibicos:


To Grow Tibicos

{} Drain & rinse w/water every 3 days.(use unchlorinated filtered water).
{} For growing the tibicos I use spring water since it contains some minerals.
{} Add spring or filtered water to cover plus some room to expand and a generous amount of dark brown sugar.
{} Keep the tibicos in a glass jar covered with a heesecloth or napkin.

Note: Drink some of the liquid every morning.


To Grow Tibicos

{} Place one teaspoon of brown raw sugar in a glass container,and then one teaspoon of tibicos.
{} Pour over them half a cup of COLD BOILED WATER.
{} Leave them quite for 24 hours and cover the glass container with napkin.
{} Do not put a lid on the container. Do not refrigerate.
{} In the morning you should pour the liquid in another glass using a plastic strainer or a piece of cloth and drink it on an empty stomach.
{} In the same strainer wash the tibicos under running water very carefully,and then repeat the process of putting sugar at the bottom of the glass container,then the tibicos and the boiled cold water.
{} After a few days you will notice the tibicos had increase in volume,then it is time to put more sugar and water.

Bruce,the owner of the Ginger-Beer Plant,group posted a link describing the raw dark brown mexican sugar called Piloncillo.

In place of piloncillo you can substitute 1 cup dark brown sugar and a couple of teaspoons of molasses.The substitution was proposed by the Gourmet Sleuth website.A smaller amount would be 1/4 cup dark brown sugar plus 1/2 teaspoon molasses..


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